Salted & Peppered Peanuts

Our Dalmatians

What a "fittin" name for a peanut covered in white and black!

Dog Gone Good's Dalmatians are our super, extra-large, gourmet salted peanuts with the addition of black pepper.

At first these salt & peppered peanuts were given away as trial gifts. Since then, we could barely produce enough of them to meet the demand!

Try them for yourself. You will be amazed at the difference a little black pepper makes.

ID Description Each Quantity
SPS Small Salted & Peppered Peanuts (12 oz) $8.00
SPM Medium Salted & Peppered Peanuts (22 oz) $13.25
SPL Large Salted & Peppered Peanuts (40 oz) $17.50
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