Salted Peanuts

Our Yellow Labs

Crossdogs' Dog Gone Good salted, gourmet peanuts are known as our Yellow Labs. Just as the yellow lab is America's most popular dog breed, our Yellow Labs are Crossdogs' most popular seller.

Crossdogs uses the super, extra-large, Virginia-type peanuts as its salted peanuts. Our cooking and processing method was developed for us by "Dr. Peanut" of NC State University. Every detail of our process is precise, timed, weighted, and controlled by Crossdogs' secret formula of which only family members have access. (our dogs do not know the secret)

Crossdogs' Dog Gone Good salted peanuts are very exclusive by our choice. Therefore, when you give or receive a can of Dog Gone Good peanuts, you can be assured you have given or received a treasure that not just everyone has.

ID Description Each Quantity
SS Small Salted Peanuts (12 oz) $8.00
SM Medium Salted Peanuts (22 oz) $13.25
SL Large Salted Peanuts (40 oz) $17.50
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