Tad and Cricket's Story

We want to feature two of our favorite dogs — Tad and Cricket. Both of these dogs came into the kennel during its first year in operation.

Tad, along with his brother Bob, came in at the age of about 2-3 weeks. Their mother had been killed on the highway. They were too frightened to leave her, so they stayed and survived by eating on her until the sheriff's department brought them in. Last year Tad lost his sight to glaucoma after which we removed one of his eyes to check for cancer. This is sensitive for me; I have glaucoma also. He now helps me with children sermons at church. Tad cannot see his "pack leader" which is me; neither can we see our "pack leader" which is God.

If you look at the picture of Cricket closely, you will notice that she has only three legs. This summer one of her front legs got caught in her kennel fence. Her kennel neighbor did much damage to it. We rushed her to an emergency vet who removed it.

Both of these dogs were granted "full scholarships" to my house where they are doing just fine. They are such an inspiration to me and to others who know about their story. Such are the experiences in operating a no-kill kennel.