Ordering, Shipping & Returns


We offer the following methods of ordering.

  • Order through this website
  • Send your order and recipient details directly in an email or scan your written order and recipient details and email to peanuts@crossdogs.org or gra@crossdogs.org
  • Mail your order and recipient details to our mailing address
  • WE PREFER NO TELEPHONE ORDERS (too time consuming and there is a higher likelihood of mistakes)


After over 20 years in the peanut business, we have decided the most honest method of calculating shipping cost is to let UPS do it and then add that amount to your bill.

This is done after your order has been shipped and we receive the costs back from UPS. We will be glad to give you a copy of the bill.

Your credit card is then charged for the entire order. It is NOT charged when you place your order.

We will include a UPS copy if you don't trust us. (1 day delay)


If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please contact us immediately.

We ask that you return the product along with pictures to validate your claim.

Depending on your reason for returning, we will decide what action to take. Anything reasonable, we will ship you a new product at our expense, or refund your money.

We do our very best to please; we appreciate our customers; and we want to keep you as a happy customer.

Gra Whitehead, Founder