Customer Letter

It is coming quicker than you may realize -- the holiday season in which we all love to give to the important people & businesses in our lives. I thank all of you who have given our peanuts in the past to such people and businesses. We are looking forward to this year; I expect it to be much more settled than last year, which was the most disruptive in our history.

I want to emphasize the importance of ordering your gifts EARLY.

As we grow, getting your gifts shipped in a timely manner is becoming more difficult, UNLESS, you help us with early ordering-- BEFORE THANKSGIVING. We are offering an early-order discount of 3% if ordered by October 15th. This will be in addition to our standard volume discount.

I want to thank everyone who entered our name-the-mixed-peanuts contest. I have decided to name the salt & chocolate mixed peanuts our Cocker Spaniels. This is in memory of Happy, my wonderful black cocker I had during college.

In an effort to reduce time in assembling orders, we have, for the first time, decided to pre-assemble some of our gift boxes. You can see them in our catalog. We have chosen to do this with the most popular ones.

If you desire to order any of the gift boxes that are not pre-assembled, there will be a surcharge of $2.00. Time is a precious commodity during the rushed Christmas season!!!

I hope all of you experience a wonderful Christmas and New Year's holiday.

Thank you for your continued business!

Gra Whitehead, founder