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Ordering & Shipping

Dear Customers,

About Our Shipping Policy

I believe we are the only peanut company who allows the customers to pick & choose, mix & match different peanut products with corresponding quantities. We chose to do this in the beginning. We want you to be able to order whatever you want, not what we require you to order. This policy does create a shipping problem. Shipping is based on weight, zip code, business, and residential factors. By allowing mixing & matching of products, thousands of different weight combinations are possible. Therefore, we package your order, weigh it and send it to be shipped. We receive your shipping cost the next day. If you need to know your cost in advance, we can do that, but this will delay your shipment by 2 days.

About Our Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with any of our products, please call us immediately at 252-567-8900. We ask that you return the product(s) with a note as to why you are not satisfied. Pictures will be helpful. Depending on the reason, we will be happy to reship any returned product(s) or refund your purchase.

About Our Exclusivity

We are here to try to please you and to provide for you the freshest and the world's most EXCLUSIVE peanut products!! Dog Gone Good peanuts can ONLY be purchased from us at our operation in Scotland Neck, NC. No other peanut company can make that claim! By giving Dog Gone Good peanuts as a gift, you are giving an exclusive NC peanut gift.

Thank you for all you have done for us over the years & what we hope you will do in the years to come.

We all love every one of you!!

Hoping for you to have a happy holiday season; don't forget: the REASON for the season !!

In His Way,

Gra Whitehead