2018 Customer Letter

Thank you for all of your business over the years; you are responsible for who we are today. We strive to deliver premium peanut products for you, your family, your friends, and/or your customers to enjoy. We enjoy our peanut business.

This year there has been two major events in the peanut industry on the east coast that affects us. First, our (and many others) candy manufacturer moved from Norfolk, VA to New Jersey. This creates a much larger freight bill. The second event is the tariff put on imported metals. This affects our can prices. Between these two events, the cost of a large can of candy has gone up $1.00 / can. However, I have decided to split that increase with my customers by only raising the price of the large candy cans by $.50. I hope this will be appreciated by you and I hope you understand we are living in a very rapidly changing world.

The early-order discount has gone back to 3%, if ordered by November 15, 2018. The regular volume discount remains the same as last year.

Please read our shipping policy listed on our website. I think it is the most honest policy available.

I'm hoping by the time you receive this, some of our dog activities will be listed on the website. This and our Christian outreach section will be upgrading as time passes.

Thank you for purchasing Dog Gone Good peanuts and I hope that the both of us experience a wonderful and blessed holiday season!

Gra Whitehead, founder